Exciting new training package | Ship’s Cook + Food Safety Level 3


What are the advantages of bundling a Level 3 course with the Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment?

  1. There is a real added-value to the Level 3 course. This level will provide you with a greater knowledge in how to manage food safety efficiently, and is the minimum requirement for heads of departments and supervisors.
  2. You will gain huge confidence on a practical and organisational level, particularly in the event of an inspection.
  3. This course has been created to be time efficient. You learn at your own pace online and take the both exams in-house.
  4. As a complete package it offers great value.

I have heard that the Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment is difficult, is that true?

NO, this is a basic Level 2 exam, which can feel rather intense but technically not difficult.

One candidate summed it up well:

“I feel like I have been tested but I never felt that what was being asked was beyond reasonable expectations of a chef or the MCA ships cook criteria. The instructors bring ample skills and teaching ability to the course providing a well-rounded preparation for the assessment phase. The written exam is thorough and tests depth of knowledge. Both practical assessments were enjoyable and I particularly appreciated how hard both instructors work to keep you at ease under exam conditions.”

I’m not overly confident in pastry and bakery, can you help me?

YES, for sure! Despite the fact that the assessment is not technical, we know that pastry and bakery is not in everyone’s comfort zone. We offer an optional practical 1 day preparation course on a Tuesday, in the same week prior the assessment, so you can brush up on all the techniques required for the exam.

See what other candidates are saying about the practical preparation course:

~ A fantastic course with excellent and helpful instructors. Well worth doing the prep course before the final assessments.
~ I found the prep course very useful, I am glad I have joined this part as well.
~ Revisiting Pastry was great and enjoyed getting back to basics as I had not done so for a long time.
~ The four days onsite were perfect. Tutor was wonderful in putting us all at ease and pointing us in the right direction.

Everyone talks about NVQ Level 2 for the assessment, but how much of the maritime aspect is actually involved?

Being a chef/cook on a yacht is not quite the same as being land-based.

Aspects such as nutrition for shift workers, Marpol, Health and Safety at sea, dietary and religious requirements have paramount importance.

Our MCA approved training instructors have extensive experience in working on cruise ships, and both sailing and large motor yachts, and have been providing approved training for the Ship’s Cook Assessment since September 2014. Offering a complete training package for the shipping and luxury yachting industry, they are on hand to give you professional guidance and a real insight into the business of cooking at sea.​

What is the timetable for this package and how often is it scheduled?

Courses at Secrets de Cuisine are available all year, non-stop. This package is scheduled to run each two weeks. However, the virtual learning element takes place in your own time.

Wednesday morning: In-house Food Safety Level 3 support course and exam.

Wednesday afternoon: Ships Cook theory course and exam.

Thursday: Practical assessment of pastry and bakery.

Friday: Practical assessment of savoury cooking.

What does the new bundle package include?

Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3 course + Ships cook course VLE to learn course content in your own time at your own pace.

All in-house learning materials.

All ingredients required for the Ships Cook Assessments

Issuing of both certificates.

What is the cost and how do I reserve a place?

The new bundle package of Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3 and Ships Cook Certificate: euro 1,500.

The 1 day optional Ships Cook Certificate preparation course: euro 300.

Booking calendar with dates and availability can be found at: www.secretsdecuisine.fr/en/booking

or call Cedric or Duncan on: +33 (0) 04 9374 94 09 for further information and to reserve your course by phone.

There are other courses and combinations available at Secrets de Cuisine.

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