The MLC (MARITIME LABOUR CONVENTION) 2006 was introduced by the ILO (INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION) and sets out the rights and protections for seafarers worldwide and the responsibilities of yacht owners and agents.


For subscribed flag states to carry out regular inspections.

For documentation to be provided stating clearly standards of working and living aboard.

For the Agent to ensure, as far as practicable, that the Client is financially able to fulfil his obligations to the Crew.

That the Crew are not subject to exploitation by the Agent or Client.

That there are no charges or hidden costs during or after registration through to the placement process.

That family and next-of-kin be given advice and guidance at no cost.

That no person under the age of 16 (18 for a Chef) is engaged on a yacht.

It requires that any complaint or grievance is dealt with promptly via on board procedures. If it is not resolved, a third party (Flag State) will be involved.

The Agent is contracted to provide suitably qualified Crew, therefore all Crew must provide copies of all authentic, statutory documentation: Passport, CoC’s, relevant Qualifications and Training Certificates, Medical Certificate (ENG 1), References etc.

That the Agent will assist the Crew member as far as possible with understanding the SEA (Seafarers Employment Agreement).

Crew should be aware of joining any vessel which is not MLC compliant.

The company UN CHEF A DOMICILE, is the parent company of SEA CHEF SERVICES and is fully MLC 2006 compliant and registered on the French National Register for Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services